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What Do Great Executive Candidates Look For In A New Job

Great candidates understand there are 3 key factors to determining if any given opportunity is a great one.

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The People

People; who am I going to work for. Who am I going to work with? Can I trust them and do we have alignment both professionally and personally.

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The Value

What value proposition does the company bring to the market. How differentiated is that value proposition. How defensible is it. How big is the market and how big is the market opportunity.


Financial fuel

Does the company have the money to make the investments necessary to attack the market> If not what are the prospects for raising that capital?

If these three things are in place then regardless of the sector this is an excellent opportunity. If any one of them is missing then great executive candidates will walk away.

To attract great candidates you need to have the 3 key ingredients that make a great opportunity; Great people, Strong value proposition and the Financial fuel to enable execution.

Remember this is sector and market agnostic!