Matlin Partners LLC

What are the keys to finding a great recruiter

The keys to finding a great recruiter are simple;

  • search
    What is their track record?
  • staff
    Do they do all the work themselves or pass work off to other people (researchers, principles, associates, etc.)?
  • chat
    Have they been operating executives before (do they know what it takes)?
  • notes
    Do they do raw research on every search?
    Rate of successful placements being new to them is around 50% versus people they already knew. This means they are doing raw research and not being lazy.
  • calendar
    Time to complete is around 2 months (effective and efficient). Not wasting your time.
  • doc
    Share their documents/analytics with you. So you know exactly what they are doing.
  • successful search
    These simple keys will ensure an extremely successful search! There are a lot for recruiters out there, only a few are really great. If you ensure they are doing the work themselves, do raw research and are open and transparent with how they are executing the search then you know you will have a successful outcome.