Our Process

At Matlin Partners transparency is a core part of our process. Specializing in making successful executive search placements, we work alongside your organization, keeping you in the loop from start to finish. This level of service is what sets us apart from the big firms.

Research / Meet with management team

Understanding the company, people, culture & chemistry.

  • Gathering of information:  PowerPoint slide decks on company, strategy, markets, competitors, partners, vision, messaging, challenges and opportunities.  White papers, organizational charts, customer examples working with company products and services.
  • Financial Information: Funding, burn rates, revenues, sales pipeline etc.
  • Informational Meetings:  Meeting with hiring manager or managers (CEO/board) and pertinent members of management team to get views on the business, challenges, opportunities including views on candidate must haves.

Communication / Maintain Contact

The most effective way to communicate with client.

  • Establish an agreed upon methodology for regular and frequent communication with the client.
  • Communication such as: e-mail, text, voice mail, weekly established call, informal daily or a combination.  The point is whatever works best for client.

Development / Agree on Position Specification

Market facing

  • Position Specification – Develop and deliver a mutually agreed upon Position Specification incorporating all of the key attributes of business experience, successes, industry and position knowledge as well as personal characteristics.
  • Develop a short pitch and methodology for communicating the company and position with candidate prospects.

Sourcing / Preparation & Activity

Selecting from the right skills and chemistry.

  • Our own proprietary database.
  • Contacts and referrals.
  • Industry affiliations & organizations.
  • Internet based sourcing – business & social networking sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, etc.
  • Phone calls/e-mails with prospects and potential referrals.
  • Qualification – Initial interviews, i.e., in person, Skype, Facetime and/or phone.  Usually lasting 1-2 hours.
  • Follow-up phone call to the prospect regarding their thoughts on the given opportunity.  (Time will have past for the prospect to learn about the company, space and opportunity).
  • Passing the above, and mutually agreeing to a next step, the prospect gets introduced to the client company.  This may be in the form of the partner having a conversation about the prospect with the hiring manager of the client company or straight to setting up a phone interview or meeting with the client company.
  • From day one of the search, Matlin Partners build and maintain a comprehensive data pipeline of suspects, prospects and candidates.  This pipeline is continually updated and available to the client at all times.

Search / What we look for

Key qualities

  • Attitude.  Goal oriented.
  • Successful, driven, motivated, self starter.
  • Internal drive – person is never satisfied, always striving to improve.
  • Skills –  experiences closely matching position specification needs.
  • Ability to Communicate – crisp not verbose.
  • Intellect – raw smarts, inquisitive nature.
  • Demeanor – how they carry themselves.
  • Room Presence.
  • Creativity – problem solvers.  Here’s what happened, this is what I did to correct the situation, this was the result.
  • Preparation – Come prepared.  Reading up on the company, space, opportunity.
  • Chemistry/fit –  How this person will synergize with the team.   One of the most important and key attributes.
  • Follow-up skills – How does the person follow up professionally?  Phone calls, e-mails, letters etc.

Completing the Assignment / Fulfilling the Position

  • Rounding the Bases – Candidate(s) have met with management team & board if necessary.  Expectations have been set.
  • Communication – Continued throughout process with both the client and candidate.  Keep the process moving forward.
  • Closing  – Focused attention by all involved, (hiring manager, team, board).
  • Reference Checking –  Both references provided by the candidate and also checking within the candidates network.   Prepared relevant questions for each reference communicated with and findings captured on a document for client.   Detailed write-up for each reference call.