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How to run a Successful Search

It’s always about a successful result!

In order to get there the journey needs to be successfully run as well!

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It starts with identifying exactly what you need/are looking for in the candidate. A lot of people put thought into defining the ‘stats’ and the track record. This is important but not the entire picture. Aside from the cultural fit (which often times isn’t laid out up front) it is important to understand where the successful candidate is on their career path and at what stage in their career path is the perfect fit for you.


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Secondly; who will be the initial screener and who will be involved, the sequence and how you will make a decision should be written and agreed upon up front by all involved (Hiring exec, Board, other key members of the process).


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How you and the recruiter will communicate; how often, set calls, what type of search support documentation will be used, metrics, etc. need to be set up front.


How are you going to handle changes to the ‘spec’ as they arise through the search? It is rare to have a search where this doesn’t happen. Most of the time it is a slight adjustment, however there are circumstances where is can be major.


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Once you get to the finalists; who is going to do the references (provided and back channel).


Closing, what role is the recruiter going to play in negotiating the offer and closing the candidate.
The best searches are the ones where both the recruiter and hiring exec are in sync and engaged!


Remember in order to run a great search you need to define what you are looking for, layout the process in detail and understand how you are going to deal with adjustments during the search. If the process is run well then closing on your great candidate should be easy.