Matlin Partners LLC

Common characteristics we look for in a candidate when interviewing

At Matlin Partners we’ve composed a list of characteristics that we look for in our candidates during there interview, those characteristics are:

  • The candidate arrives on time.
  • Comes appropriately dressed for the interview.
  • Comes prepared especially if it’s regarding a specific search and company and position is known to the candidate. Has invested the time to read up on the company, space, competitors, team, opportunity etc.
  • Smart, knows what they want. Has career goals.
  • Successful, driven, motivated, and a self-starter.
  • Skills and experiences closely matching the job and position specification needs.
  • The ability to communicate, crisp, to the point, not wandering or verbose.
  • Strong intellect, raw smarts, inquisitive in nature.
  • Demeanor – how they carry themselves.
  • Creative, problem solver, vision – Example: Here’s what’s happening or what’s happened, this is what we did to correct the situation, this was the result. The ability to see how something can be improved and the skills to see it through.
  • Chemistry and team fit – How well will this person will be able to get along, work harmoniously and synergize with the team.
  • Pushing the ball forward – Internal drive, person is never satisfied, always striving to improve. Is an agent of change.
  • Follow-up skills – how does, and when does, the candidate follow up with me and/or client professionally?


There are certain things a candidate can do to prepare for an interview and there are things that are out of ones control. Try to focus on the things you can control, do them well, and remember to prepare. The interviewer will see that you’ve come prepared. Good luck!