VP of Platform Engineering Search for a hyper-growth stage Performance Monitoring Software Company

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VP of Platform Engineering Search

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A Boston based client had developed a set of software tools for the performance monitoring market. This had revolutionized how companies utilize the internet, cloud and deployment strategies. In a very short period of time they had experienced hyper-growth and needed to transition from a software tools company to a platform company that encompassed all the tools and technologies. The existing development organization had been built and led by one of the founders. It was time to bring in a senior engineering executive who had grown, scaled and led a very large engineering team in a hyper-growth environment. One of the critical requirements was to ensure that this executive was able to mentor and gain buy-in of the existing engineering organization while implementing new structure, policies and procedures to ensure continued success as the company continued to scale. This executive also needed to be geographically desirable since they would be a key member of the senior executive team. They would be inheriting a geographically dispersed organization across the globe.

Matlin Partners also realized that one of the keys aside from the specific job specifications was the relationship between the founders and the CEO. It was critical that this executive could work well with the founding team, the hot-shot technology team that had brought the company to this point and the CEO. Matlin was able to develop a strong slate of candidates, manage the process and develop two strong finalists. The result was the hiring of an Outstanding Engineering Executive that has seamlessly transitioned into the company and been able to bring the leadership and management needed to continue the company’s success.