Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Field Operations for a Cyber Security Software Company

Position Filled

VP of WorldWide Sales

Position Industry


Client Stage

Growth Stage

A privately held growth stage cyber security client in the Mid Atlantic region.  Early in the companies start-up growth Matlin Partners had originally placed the Vice President Worldwide Sales who helped steer and grow the business through a successful acquisition.


As the company became a growth stage the company it was clear that the profile of Vice President WorldWide Sales needed to become more of a Chief Operating Officer (COO) role and strong number two in the company.


Understanding the unique requirements Matlin Partners was able to secure the number one candidate who had the requisite experience in the security space.  The candidate had been a former CEO, as well as a Sales, Services & Marketing executive in both public and private companies with strong connections to the investor community here in the United States and abroad.

The result was a significant enhancement to the original position, being able to take on greater responsibility, and a very strong number two in the company